The Village at Mayo Clinic

















The Village at Mayo Clinic

Home to the Arizona Transplant House & American Cancer Society Hope Lodge


Brusally Community Center

A warm Southwest decor will meet all who enter this special space that is dedicated to the Tweed family, Sally Groom and their Brusally Ranch legacy. 

A nice blending of business and pleasure, this centrally located building provides guests with not only additional relaxation space but also a business center comprised of three computers which have internet access and printing capabilities.  

Various Mayo Clinic Transplant and American Cancer Society support meetings are held at the Brusally Community Center as well as special guests functions and Arizona Transplant House fundraising events.  

The Brusally Community Center is open from 8AM-8PM Monday through Saturday and Sunday Noon to 8PM. Additional access apart from these hours can be obtained via special requests.






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