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The Village at Mayo Clinic

Home to the Arizona Transplant House & American Cancer Society Hope Lodge


History of The Arizona Transplant House

Little could the founders of Brusally Ranch have known that their phenomenal house would take on a new life 50 years later. Brusally Ranch was founded shortly after the Tweed family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1949. Named after the combined names of the Tweed's two children, Bruce and Sally, the original ranch located at 84th Street & Cholla in Scottsdale was over 160 acres of land. The land included a small lake with an island in the middle, the result of a miscalculation on part of the well drillers. It is in this oasis that the Tweeds began to raise and show Arabian horses and became one of the first and most respected families to raise Arabian horses in the United States. And so the Tweed influence continues. Over ten years ago Ed and Ruth's daughter, Sally Groom, donated the Tweed home, the only structure not victim to the bulldozer, to Mayo Clinic Arizona at which time it was transformed into the Arizona Transplant House at Brusally Ranch. This beautiful home provided much needed housing and support for the Mayo Clinic's increasing number of organ transplant patients and families. 

The Brusally Ranch served us well and over 3,000 patients and family members found a special healing and supportive environment at this location. As the Mayo transplant program continued to expand and need for housing services and support increased it became clear that a larger location was required. It is because of Sally Groom's donation and support from other generous individuals and corporate benefactors that the Arizona Tranpslant House Foundation was able to obtain funds and build the new Arizona Transplant House at the Village at Mayo Clinic. The Village has served over 1,200 patients and family members since opening the first casita in 2009. 


The Tweed Family


Brusally Ranch

Brusally Ranch


Brusally Ranch House





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